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Setu Bandha Sarvangasana Bridge Pose

in Exercises

The phrase Sethu Bandhasana has been based on the words ‘Sethu’, whch implies bridge, and ‘Bandha’, which suggests locking mechanism. That practically implies ‘constructing the bridge’ as well as mostly consists of developing a sort-of ‘bridge’ with the body, largely making use of and thighs. Sethu Bandhasana is primarily intended to assist the body take it easy and acquire eliminate stress.

The particular yoga exercises asana helps as well fortifies the particular muscle groups of the rear, aside from the back again and also hamstrings which is just the thing for stimulating as well as relaxing worn out thighs. It even stimulates the hypothyroid as well as the lung area, in case practiced often.


For starters, you need to lie down on your back, with a easy as well as company area, generally the floor.

Now, flex both joints, while putting feet flat about, as well as parallel in order to, the ground.

Maintain your legs and foot hip-width apart as well as simultaneous to one another.

Your current biceps and triceps require aside of your body. Maintain your palms dealing with downwards and have your tips of your fingers gently touch the particular pumps.

The biceps and triceps should be inserted along in a way that will place relating to the shoulder muscles lifting from your floor carefully.

While you breathe in, pay strain into your arms and also neck, thrusting using your foot, in an attempt to living your upper body fully, elevating the backbone up-wards.

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Right now, require a number of slow along with strong breathing along with retain the place for 5 for you to Seven breathing.

Breathing out your current breathing, go back to the first situation along with gradually, spin your spine time for the floor.


Although executing the actual Sethu Bandhasana, be sure not to clench your current butt, somewhat move the knees faraway from you and also click into the high heels, to get the particular back up-wards.


The particular bridge present that you simply achieve as part of your Sethu Bandhasana may be recognize to help you construct primary as well as the reduce body durability.

Your pose may help a person open the leading of the legs as well as hips effortlessly, bridging versatility.

The actual link pose can be believed to invigorate in addition to energy the particular nerves and also bodily hormone technique.

On taking on present completely, someone encounters the strain ebbing far from his shoulder blades along with the lower back.

Apart from increasing the firmness with the body, the actual bridge create assists improve the particular stomach muscles.

Should you be being affected by headaches, back pain sleeplessness, fatigue, or perhaps anxiousness, you will find the asana to be very beneficial.

Sethu Bandhasana is excellent when you have the problem associated with substantial Blood pressure, sinus problems, asthma and brittle bones.

Extreme care

Sethu Bandhasana is supposed to be performed in conjunction with suitable instructing from the competent Yoga exercise trainer. Therefore, remember to not try this kind of asana in your house, on your own.

Sethu Bandhasana really should not be carried out by simply individuals who have been through knee or guitar neck injuries. It’s also not recommended for pregnant women.

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