How To Get Rid Of Gas During Pregnancy

Farting is embarrassing for just about any person. During pregnancy, gas formation is a very common problem and thus, an expectant woman may go through embarrassment due to same often.

Gas formation is recognized as as one of various side effects of pregnancy. As far as causes for gas formation are worried, in early pregnancy, gas is created because of discharge of considerable amounts of hormones progesterone and relaxing. These hormones are responsible for the relaxing of muscles found in the gastrointestinal tract.

As a result, food moves very slowly, which causes gas formation and even heart burn sometimes. Another reason for gas formation during pregnancy may be the pressure that is put by the expanding uterus about the rectum. This often disrupts muscle control and as a result, gas may be passed in uncontrolled manner.

Gas formation during pregnancy is generally not harmful for that baby, as no discomfort is caused. There are amounts of measures that can be taken for minimizing or avoiding gas formation during pregnancy. First of all, a female must eat right type of food that don’t results in formation of gas.

There are some food substances, especially those containing carbohydrates, which enhance gas formation in the body. Some of commonest gassy foods that can be avoided during pregnancy include foods that are fried, beans, cabbage, onions etc. A pregnant woman must drink lots of water to ensure that constipation does not become chronic.

It’s to become understood that constipation is just one of main reasons of gassiness during pregnancy and thus, should be avoided. Since movement of food becomes slow during pregnancy, a woman must not eat large quantities of food previously. Doing that aggravates gas formation. Rather, a female should consume smaller meals. For fulfilling the requirements of body, meals can be taken frequently.

Health professionals state that a pregnant woman should take six small meals per day instead of overloading her with three mega meals. This could reduce the gas formation. Also, food ought to be chewed and swallowed slowly. Consuming food quickly leads to swallowing of air, which causes gas formation. An expectant woman must relax for few hours per day and must avoid tension no matter what.

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