Migraine Headaches During Pregnancy

pregnant woman with headache

Headaches are acutely median for the duration of pregnancy, exceptionally in the first and foremost trimester. Women amidst a history of migraines may come up with who properties experience ebbed migraines throughout pregnancy. Some women, however, own further frequent migraines within the duration of pregnancy. There are moreover women who experience never had a migraine before this All of the sudden embark on owning queries provided it subsequent to properties become pregnant. There is specific evidence this hormones play a role in migraine headaches.

Headaches may be worse over pregnancy as of the shift in hormone levels. Usually hassles embark on to get best in the wake of the previous trimester when hormone costs become a greater number of stable.

What is a Migraine?

Migraines are a sort of vascular headache. They are lead to by the blood vessels in the make every effort constricting and next dilating. When the blood vessels dilate (become bigger) properties hint at substantial pain and sometimes greater amount of symptoms. Women’s blood volume gains throughout pregnancy. Changes in blood volume may contribute to migraines over pregnancy.

Symptoms of Migraine

Severe pain (often on one part of the head)

Light sensitivity

Blurred Vision or Visual Disturbances (may see zig zag lines)


If you undergo a migraine it is pertinent to use your doctor affirmative away when migraine can be symptoms of substantial life threatening circumstances the as pre-eclampsia.

Migraine Treatments During Pregnancy

Most of the medications this are expended to treat migraine are not safe and sound to take for the duration of pregnancy. If you are holding frequent or grim migraines you may look for to terminology to your doctor just about attaining you a referral to see a neurologist.

Take a cold shower:

The cold temperature will be able to boon to shrink dilated blood vessels.

Use an ice pack or cold compress:

You can put it on the coming back of your neck or on your forehead to boost tighten the blood vessels.

Lie in dark room:

Many persons are sensitive to lights through a migraine. Staying in a darkened room is planning to help.


Sometimes sleep is the merely way to get rid of a migraine. If you undergo a so much painful migraine it may be difficult to sleep but lying ebbed and resting should help.

Massage your temples or sinuses

Sometimes massaging your temple or your nasal bridge may relieve advantages relieve pain.

Get a happy night’s sleep

Fatigue or not sleeping can sometimes make for a migraine. Make ensured you are perfectly rested.

Avoid caffeine

Caffeine is not recommended through pregnancy and may reason a migraine in particularlly women.

Consult your doctor in regards to how medications are guarded to take for the duration of pregnancy or for a multitude of service options.

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