How To Prevent Edema During Pregnancy

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Edema is really a condition in which swelling appears because of excessive accumulation of fluid in cells, tissues or cavities. Edema in pregnancy is very common and most of ladies found swelling in ankles, feet along with other parts of body. It happens as excessive watery fluid gets accumulated.

Some pregnant woman may have mild swelling during pregnancy. Due to gravity, swelling is noticed in feet and ankles generally. Some women report for pregnancy edema in evening only when they’ve fatter feet while others report it in the sunshine. Pregnancy edema is caused as volume of fluids inside the body increases for nurturing the mother and the growing baby. As tissues in the body retain more fluid, swelling conditions appear. Sometimes, pregnancy edema can be very annoying.

Mild pregnancy edema is recognized as as harmless and therefore, a female must not bother too much about same, although it isn’t comfortable. About 75% of ladies are even unable to notice such swelling in pregnancy.

There are certain measures that may be taken for avoiding pregnancy edema. First of all, an expectant woman must avoid prolonged sitting or standing periods. While standing, breaks should be taken by sitting frequently. Similarly, if a pregnant woman is sitting, she should stroll for five minutes in an hour. She must keep her legs elevated while sitting in chair. This would prevent pregnancy edema to a good extent.

A pregnant woman must wear comfortable shoes when she goes out. At home, soft slippers can be worn. In all conditions, tight stockings or elastic top socks ought to be avoided. This could permit the blood and other fluids in the body circulation freely. Similarly, full pantyhose ought to be purchased that has room for lower abdominal region. Support hoses could be worn in the morning so that no swelling appears during the day. By drinking good amounts of water, a pregnant woman can let sodium and other waste products to be excreted in the body and thus, pregnancy edema would be prevented.

In cases, where swelling persists for more than Twenty four hours or cases by which face and hands become puffy, health care provider ought to be contacted. Excessive edema can signal at other disorders like preeclampsia.

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