Giving Your Baby a Sponge Bath

Giving a normal sponge bath to some baby rather than a tub bath is ideal throughout the winter months. It is advisable to wash the actual baby every 3rd day while providing a sponge clean-up daily. However, you have to take care associated with some things whilst sponging the little one to make sure complete security and cleanliness.

Following would be the steps involved with the sponge bath:

Preparing the Container & Collecting the Required Items

Your own very first job to get ready to give a sponge bath to your baby ought to be to fill up the clean container along with warm water. Required things like baby soap/wash, shampoo, towel and washcloth should also be kept prepared before undressing the little one.

Starting out

Infants often lose the body heat faster compared to the adults. So it’s advisable to undress only those parts of a baby’s body that need to be washed. You are able to cover the baby in a soft hand towel with a cover as well as hold the baby gently by supporting his head. Now, clean the face area having a soft and spongy washcloth (drizzled with warm water), using cotton square for that area surrounding your baby’s eye. If you wish to thoroughly clean the top as well, it can be done having a clean wet washcloth along with a baby wash.

Washing the Entire body

The soap-free facial cleanser, that is especially developed for babies, ought to be used for cleaning the system. Apply a little quantity of the cleanser about the neck, arms, thighs as well as belly as well as rinse with the moist washcloth one following 1. Nevertheless, don’t expose the baby totally as well as maintain his head covered throughout the procedure.

Important Factors

While giving a sponge bath for your beloved child take unique care to clean the genital area and also thoroughly clean in between all the wrinkles of his/her body. If you’re sponging a newborn, you have to consider special care from the umbilical wire by keeping it protected as well as dried out.

At last, nourish your baby’s skin having a baby lotion and use baby talc if required. Decorate your baby and cover him inside a warm quilt.

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