Fluid Leaking during Pregnancy

One issue that bothers all pregnant women will is pregnancy fluid leaking. Though women don’t want any vaginal discharge, it occurs in just about all pregnancies. However, it is very important that vaginal discharge is analyzed so that further steps can be taken to treat the problem. Pregnancy fluid leaking can also signal at some severe problem inside the body of mother and thus, shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Taking care of that needs to be understood in the very outset is the fact that normally, increased vaginal discharge is considered as a sign of health pregnancy however in certain cases, it may not be considered a matter of happiness. Many women get confused regarding urine and also the amniotic fluid. It has been seen that ladies contact their own health care providers regarding pregnancy fluid leaking and when examination is carried out, it’s discovered that it is only urine which has leaked.

If any pregnant woman is affected with leaking occasionally like when she coughs or sneezes, in many of cases, it is urine that leaks through vagina and should not be wrongly identified as amniotic fluid. By observing the regularity of pregnancy fluid leaking and also the conditions by which leaking has occurred, an expectant woman can certainly determine if it’s amniotic fluid or urine. Leaking of urine can also occur whenever a pregnant woman includes a good belly laugh.

Through smell and colour of the leaked fluid, it can be ascertained if it’s urine or amniotic fluid. It is to become understood that urine leaking occurs in pregnancy as a result of pressure put through the growing uterus inside the body of mother about the urinary bladder. Since the pregnancy approaches due date, this kind of leaking can increase and should not be considered as a matter of great concern.

Amniotic fluid is usually clear but could be brown, green or yellow colored in some cases. One difference between the amniotic fluid leaking and urine leaking is the fact that latter occurs sporadically while former occurs continuously, because there is rupturing of membranes. For ascertaining when the fluid is urine or amniotic fluid, a female can put a pad and can lay down for half an hour. If small gush is observed on standing, it signals at amniotic fluid leaking. Such condition is serious as amniotic fluid must not leak until labor. Doctor should be called immediately on such happening.

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